I’m moving the blog.

Life has changed so much in the past 12 months that pixie dust and porridge just doesn’t really fit any more.

If your up for joining me on the next leg of my journey here, at Take Me Down To The Shore.


Lots of Love,

Minnie xoxo

Today I’ve been mostly tackling my c.v., you know being a real grown up and taking actual steps towards gainful employment. I also had the real urge to do something productive to the house as well, so i decided to tackle the bathroom windows.

We are on a very tight budget with regards to the house, firstly I’m not working so the money coming in tends to go on things like food, bills and the van, secondly its only a rental and I don’t much see any point in investing too much in the house when its the landlord (nice as he is) who’ll gain. There isn’t much space in our bathroom, so curtains would over whelm the space and blinds just aren’t on the budget at the moment.

I had vague recollections of seeing fabric stuck right onto the windows glass, a quick trawl through my massive favourites file threw up this post on all buttoned up, with some clarification in a second post.

This is the fabric I had to had, it’s a lovely light weight Liberty of London print, so just perfect for my intended use of it. The green strawberries are just adorable.

The only starch I could find locally was this stuff by dylon.

Its the natural starch spray thankfully, last time I went looking for starch I could only find a cheapo fake starch that wrecked the plate on my equally cheap iron.

It was pretty easy to do, I sprayed the window, fixed the fabric to the window frame with some tape and then sprayed the life out of the fabric. Getting all the air bubbles out was a bit of a pain but not too bad really.

It’s so hard to get a half decent shot of that window, quite frustrating but with the camera out of action I’m relying on the crackberry these days and I do apologise.

And here’s the final product!

I found my camera cable! Squeee! So here’s a close up of the final product.

There are a few things that I’d do if I were to tackle this project again, I wouldn’t cut the fabric to size with a craft knife, I’d yanno listen to Melissa and take the fabric down to cut it. I’d also breakout a sponge to help with the bubbles, but all in all I’m really happy with how my little diversion turned out. Yay!

Now to deal with everything else…

Minnie xoxo

Well a bit cold, damp with a touch of wind. The house is a mess and my supplies of Scottish tea are running low, I’m a touch home sick and there’s nothing on t.v. What is a girl to do?

I’ve decided to enforce a bit of a schedule on myself, because pottering about the house aimlessly hasn’t really worked for me and things don’t get done. The house is still over run with spiders and nothing has been painted, I have perfected a few recipes for sweets and cake that I might throw the blogs way, just to see how it goes down. I can’t seem to stop by fattening up all of blokes friends and family, I have to attack al of you as well. Typical Hebridean, no one is happy until they have been over fed.

I was so excited about the house when we first moved in, but i think that my excitement got diluted with the drudgery of house work. So much dust, so many spiders. Seriously it’s been one hell of a spidery summer. Cutting the mammoth hedges back has helped, but getting rid of the cobwebs in this house is like painting the fourth road bridge, it’s never-ending. Tomorrow I start job hunting properly, so routine is the aim of the week. Joy.

Rich has done a lot, he’s been amazing actually, his days are pretty broken up with split shifts and he still manages to not be worn out by my over excitement when he comes home. And dude, I get pretty excited, I’ve no one else to talk to but the cat from next door who comes to hang out and guard my washing line. I take a wild tear to get a room sorted, the sitting room Must Be Complete because the World Will End or I’ll get disheartened. So he puts up curtain rails or cuts the hedge on his break. Even though he’s never cut a hedge before, so it looks a bit forlorn but what the hell I’m afraid of heights and the hedge trimmer.

This week I will paint the master bed room, finish my tee-shirt quilt and apply for the super awesome job I want. I’ll got to knit night, go out for the day with Rich’s sister and plant some bulbs in the garden. I will finish the little cardigan for Marian’s impending baby, I will bake some cup cakes and decide on my costume for Halloween.

Love Minnie xoxo

The sun is shining, bloke has ribs in the slow cooker and I’m about to embark on a frantic lets-make-the-house-look-spider-free spree. This can mean only one thing, we’re having a barbecue! Bloke does the meat side of things and I make the death punch (we’re going for a luminous green this time) and the cake (blueberry boy bait). Should be lots of fun, I’m wishing I had my camera though. Might be time to fire off some emails to see if i can get a replacement cable.

Being unemployed is lonely, I’ve been doing lots of sewing though. My tee-shirt quilt is almost done, so I’m going to theme the spare room around it. Which is a nice way of saying everything that doesn’t have a home will be in the spare room and I’ll eventually paint it up so its cohesive to some extent at least.

Once my craft room has been painted and all suave looking I’ll share pictures but at the moment I’m afraid is just a desk and some boxes. My sewing machine is my best friend at the moment, even if the crackberry does take crap photos. Oh well never mind…

The new house has a lot of potential, I’m so glad we’re allowed to paint the decor is mostly a bit dull but in some places its just plain bizarre. The master bedroom is mint green and blood-red, and a patchy red at that which just helps to conjure images from bad B movies.

Anyway I must be off, cake to make and packing boxes to hide in our Harry Potter cupboard. It’s a good way to spend a Saturday.

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend,

take care,

Minnie xoxo

So We’ve been in the new house for a couple of weeks now, but we’re only just getting round to sorting out internet connections and what not.

I spend my days wrangling spiders and making confectionery. Its a good way of making friends, home made sweets I mean.

I’ll start posting again once we have a proper internet connection (blogging off the crackberry ftw) and when I’ve located the cable for the camera.

Love Minnie x

So we’re impulsive, and we left hardly anytime to find a place. So I have no idea where in going to be living (well that’s a lie, Loughborough somewhere), when I’m moving (also a lie, some point this month) or anything! It might be prudent at this point to mention that I have a fully fledged anxiety disorder that while sounds awful, has actually morphed me into this super organised uni drop out who only has her student loans as debt, does scary things like budget and is never with out a pen. (Really i have a thing about pens I have at least three on my person at all times, my hand bag is stuitably large.) Not knowing where I’m going to be living isn’t so good for the anxiety though. So I’m tackling the beast by trusting the bloke and being one of those horribly efficient packers, I will count all the spoons dammit!

I’m also currently working up the bravery to find me a new knitting group on ravelry. It’s taking a few days, its like i want to come across as a nice sane girl who you want to be friends with, but when it boils down to it I am just a football loving, mild eccentric to raises a mean lamb. Colostrum from a bag anyone? no takers? Aww but it makes for such happy lamb tummies!

The impending new house (where ever it may end up being) does mean that I get to pester my dad on the crafty front, he’s a carpenter by trade and years at sea have left him very talented when it comes to rope work. I shall be pestering him, hell I might even get away with taking photos and such.

So how should I while away my last few weeks in Scotland? I don’t know how many I have and so far all I have pinned down is that I’m going to have a leaving party at Tallman’s at some point and that I need to get all the things in all the boxes.

Lots of love,

Minnie xoxox

Tomorrow Punkboy is off to view a rental, which will hopefully be lovely and have our names on the lease. It is a cheap lease though, so I’m having horrible visions of a grey, menacing slightly moldy property. This is bias on my part created by the high rental price in Stirling. Seriously, the rent on a two bed flat in Stirling will get you the lease on a three bed house else where. You know a house with a front door, a garden and if you are very lucky a shed!

It takes a lot of trust to do this, I won’t see this place till I move in. Crazy right?

Anyway I’m going to go off, make a bacon sandwich and wonder what happened to little miss in control.

Take care,

Minnie xoxo

I am that girl you knew in University who made curtains out of an old duvet set, who always had painkillers/plasters/whatever in her handbag (mine is a behemoth black patent number from Tesco).  The one who will meet any crisis with tea, soothing words and a swift kick up the arse. I will grant the fact that I am so good at the dealing with an academic crisis because to be honest I kind of sucked at the whole academic route, I could only be arsed if the class was interesting. Not the best when you’re in undergrad history.  Still the point being I’m not the Drama llama, I am the girl who will when cornered in a club by an upset girl who starts on the “why does every one think I’m a slut?” make the suggestion that shorts are the solution, and a fuck you attitude.

Why then am I making pains to detail the ways in which I am a boring old fart at the ripe old age of 22? Because I’m running away. I am packing up all my stuff,  giving away the things I don’t need or can’t transport and running away with Punkboy.  Oh and I’ve dropped out of University,just in case you were wondering.

Specy too

This dork is running away to England to be with her boyfriend of not very long (I will grant the fact that I have known Punkboy for years, but it’s different when there’s nakedness involved.) I have less than six weeks left on my lease, my friends are all super happy for me, even Tallman.  My Dad is making happy noises, I’m blithely ignoring all the noises that pertain to small people.  My mother’s family are all horrified, in a state of catatonic shock. Can’t be helped, I’m not like them, I take after Mum but she died in 1996 so i can’t get her opinion on it all but Dad thinks she’d be stoked for me.

So am I crazy? Surely the midlands can’t be much worse than the Central belt? And why do I always end up living so far inland when I love the coast?

Anyway take care for now, I’m off to raid the cupboards (I’m house sitting for Dad’s girlfriend)

Love Minnie x

The past few weeks have been hella busy, much updating later.

Just now I’m a hung over mess and I’m going to mooch off to the library to photocopy some extracts and avoid paying my fines. Go me.

What has every one been up to these past few weeks?

love Minnie xoxox

I am the proud owner of a Blackberry, so now I can do things like live blog without carting the lap top about. That said I am writing this in bed, in my defence however there is no internet connection in my flat. Crazy I know but we are poor girls.

I’m going to potter off in search of coffee and I shall post later on last weeks mischief and what not.

Take care,

Minnie xoxo

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