Things have been a bit crazy of late but ho hum, my xmas job was so bad i quit after a week (they made me cry, im security in the student union for christ’s sakes) then i was baby sitting the small people and the littlest one cracked my nose and gave me a doozy of a flu bout which turned into a pretty scary case of tonsilitus. Yeek. I just want sex, beer and for semester to be out. i dont want to be too poor for xmas, and i dont want to have lost 2 weeks of my life two a bad job and sicknes. mope. mope. mope. I want lots of sex with my unstressed boyfriend, i want to be able to have lie ins with him on sundays, i want to get all my crafting done in time for christmas, and mabey fix up something nice for me too. hrrmm.

also christmas shopping needs doing and i need to make or find a dress for the wedding of tallman’s cousin, hrrrmmmm