So things went rapidly up shit creek, over Christmas and it was all too personal and weird to air publicly. Now I’m back in therapy dealing with the resultant emotional porridge (proof I’m Scottish i used porridge in the context of my anxiety/depressive disorder).

Some people have been amazing, 15 year old me would be appalled by the fact that at 21 i really could thing about moving back to the islands, because I’m sick of some of mainland (sort of, kind of, people with out manners suck.) So I’m pestering my self pretty much a whole new group of friends.

I’ve been doing a lot of knitting, and contemplating starting the whole creative writing thing. Oh horror of horrors.

At the moment I’m coming down with a bad cold and I have essays to write (yes, essays plural i will never learn, this is why i won’t do my honors year i would have to be sedated due to my sheer lack of time management.)