So I had my first exam yesterday which went surprising well even if through my own stupidity i had to hand write it instead of doing it on the computers (I’m super dyslexic), it was part of my religion module and I will be quite glad when its over I find talking about slavery quite upsetting especially when some people have some views that would sit better with a member of the BNP. Oh well, never mind.

Tuesdays was the Ghoul’s ball and Tall man and myself dressed up.


Men in Kilts make me a very happy bunny child. The Ghoul’s ball also ended the end of Tall man’s time at Rock Soc president, he still has a position on committee but the details of what and why will be revealed at a later date. he he he

Michelle and myself found an amazing new flat which we sign the lease on on Monday! It has lovely big bed rooms and the tiniest kitchen in the world, I promise to post all about move day. I’m glad to have found some where new because the flat I’m in with Niki at the moment has a major leak problem from the flat above. Eep!

This is Michelle, ands she is amazing and a very smart girlie to boot.


Anyway Tall man is pestering me to actually get up for my last day of this semester.

Take care xxx