Token cute shot of my aunt & uncle’s calves and cow.

So I’m off to work to start at eight and stand in a tent in a muddy feild and I probably won’t be home till six. Joy.

I could be at home fixing the code for this blog, knitting, writing essay, cleaning, cooking, packing up my flat or doing exam revision. Oh well, never mind. I was sensible and slept most of today as prep, I also had a pretty awful dinner of pasta and frozen veg with a shop bought carbonara sauce, it was horrible and synthetic tasteing so I had some toast with maple flavour syrp fromlions that wasn’t much better and coffe. I’m off for a shower then its to the shop to get sweets for tonight then home to drop my purse n stuff off then work. *sigh*

I’ll tell all tomorrow, if I’m still alive that is . . .