So Friday was Tallman’s birthday and it was a mixed one that’s for sure. It was his 21st, and he got a lot of presents most of which were sponge bob themed, he has a slight obsession.

His parents came up for the day which was nice for him, but i really don’t have the patience to deal with them I’ll be polite and say it’s the generation gap.

The weather was terrible and we got soaked walking back from dinner at the Birds and the Bees. The food was lovely (i had poached salmon for main, it made me a very happy Minnie).

Then the hordes descended for the party,

(Tallman’s flat mate made the beer chair out of Foster’s cans)

Alison and myself made this lovely concoction we lovingly dubbed Death Punch. It is actually tastes very nice, but does get you drunk quite quickly.

If any one would like to make your very own bowl of Death punch at home you will need;

  • One bottle of Cherry Sourz
  • Half a bottle of Apple Sourz
  • A third of a liter of Ouzo
  • Half a liter of vodka
  • Two liters of Blue Flavour WKD
  • A cup of grenadine syrup
  • A Carton of Orange juice
  • A liter of Cherryade
  • A liter of Cola
  • red food colouring

Pour it all into a very large bowl, there is no need to stir because the two different kinds of fizzy juice make it self mixing. A ladle is needed because it will stain your hands red due to the addition of food colouring.

I spent most of the night answering the door bell and making lots of food, because £10 goes a long way in Iceland’s (the frozen food chain, not the country) we had a lot of Chinese food and sausage rolls.

Saturday day was spent in bed sleeping off the party, the only way to properly recover in my books.


Minnie xxx