So my head has been in a funny place of late, the joys of depression but no matter two weeks in Canada and a few days of music reminiscence works quite well on the road back to relative mental health.

God i sound so bloody emo. Urcht.

Canada was good fun but its going to be a whole other well thought out post, this one is more about where I want things to be going, sort of.

It is pretty safe to say that 15 year old me would be horrified by my life, in the sense that I’m a boring old fart and not a tattoo artist/fashion designer and my hair isn’t still pink and I’m not covered in tattoos but to be frank that wouldn’t be me. I like books, baking and getting lost in my writing. Okay so no one bar Jenna ever gets to see my work, but its better than no one ever seeing it. Hell I don’t even paint anymore. I never thought I’d say that but in some ways art was one big therapy session, but I’m tempted to get back into it all. Time will tell i suppose.

My friends are more spread out which kinda sucks, but the best ones have stuck by me through all the crap that’s been going down n stoof. It’d just be nice to have them all in one place for the purely selfish reasons of hugs for me.