So a few weeks ago the lovely Rachel and myself made plans for dinner and lots of things came up and got in the way but we finally managed to get it all together and got round to going out today.  Yipeee! We went to this little tex mex place in town called Smiling Jacks, it was yummy.

I’m trawling the Internets looking for nice flannel bed clothes, I know Scotland doesn’t get all that cold but we have large windows in the flat and they are only single glazed. So flannel sheets would be nice and help keep down the gas bill.  The two leading options at the moment at these proper flannel sheets from John lewis or these jersey knit fitted sheets from La redoute.

Tomorrow will be a day of essay work and then mild house work and in the evening I’m going to the Frank Turner gig. Frank Turner is amazing, used to sing for the Million Dead but now does acoustic dancey happy tunes.  Well worth a look on the YouTube.  There will be much fangirling and flailing tomorrow night. It will be suave.

Right I’m off to vacuum and do some clothes washing. I might play about with the way the blog its self looks over the next few days so wait and see!


Minnie xoxo