Well it all began on thursday with a trip to the Frank Turner show at the QMU with dearest Christobelle. it was awesome. I got to meet Frank aswell! I’m still dizzy over this fact!

See I have photographic evidence, well sort of I’m not the fan girlish type so i took a photo of Frank Turner with other people. *le sigh* 

Anyway so then i had classes on friday and I was a very sleepy Minnie but i had most of the week off work. Yay! 

Friday also involved a rather random trip to Asda Alloa, I bought the Tallman a few fun little things including the DVD of Dead Snow!

Saturday was a lazyish day lots of house work and reading i did have a little trip to Tesco where i bought two of this shower curtain (the shower is one of those in bath set ups and one curtains is not large enough) and this handbag!
It is huge and lovely, I’m going to use it as my grown up book bag and it will also work quite well for my knitting and such. Suave much!

Today I was on door shift all day, it was a good shift. I got to chat to folk and got a roast dinner lunch too. Yum.

Now I’m just sat on the couch with the Tallman at his house,  I’m knitting he is reading up on the football and watching bad cop shows. We are just so cool I swear.


Minnie xoxo