Essays, sickness and work.  It has all been a bit on the stressful side to say the least, but I have been quite busy and i have pictures! Yay! pictures!

Last Tuesday was the Halloween Rock Night in the Union it was a rather fun affair and i went as Morag from Martain Millar’s book The Good Fairies of New York.  I felt rather suave to be honest, ‘t was good. Only one person knew who i was without it having to be explained to them, that person was Hannah and she is amazing.

Taking pictures of yourself is hard to do, getting the glitter out of your clothes is harder

The Tallman went as Towlie from South Park, it was pretty impressive and he did his own sewing this year. 🙂  Thats Garrett beside him as the Dude, if you don’t know who that is then shame on you and a pox on your house.

Bromance it is truly adorable.

I’ve been pretty swamped with essays but it is less than two month till Christmas so I’m quite happy to be keeping busy as it isn’t the best time of year for me any more.  sigh.

My plan for tomorrow are to do the following:

  1. Sleep in, properly no half arseing it awake then trying to sleep. I will sleep in and sleep properly.
  2. Pancakes, I will make some. Hell I might even post about it.
  3. Essay, get the final draft done and dusted. Hurrah!
  4. Drink lots of tea, read bad fanfiction and knit

Anyway im off to make some bad instant skinny awful  skinny hot chocolate and read some more bad fanfiction.

Love Minnie xoxo