I’m sat on the couch muddling through my work, i have a audio book on the sounds (Harry Potter for the win!) and I’m vaguely dipping in and out of Ravelry (no need to link, my readership only comes from Lsg as far as i know). 

The topic of knitting styles came up and I’m one of those odd british kniters who knit continental. If i had the time to just sit and knit I could get through a pair of socks in an evening or two if i had the time to just sit and knit but alas i have been far too busy.

Tomorrow is my first day of SIA training, which is just the process of becoming a licensed member of security staff. I’m quite excited i lose the next two weekends to the process but it should be worth it in the long run.

I ordered my tickets for the Vatersay boys on the 11th of next month, I’ve been pretty home sick for the past few weeks so it should be good fun and Kerry anne is coming down for it (well if we are going to be strictly teuchter about it we should say that she is coming “up sous” for it but ho hum.) a few of the folks i work with will be doing security at it too so i shall be having fun, and probably confusing them (they’ve never seen me out of my bright luminous orange shirt before, i look quite different with my hair down and in clothes that actually fit!)

Anyway I’m off to do some more work and break out the earl grey,

love Minnie xx