The situation is this, I have a Tallman and he needs some pretty funky christmas presents.  So far the only option I have battened down is a years subscription to Suicide Girls.  I have a decent amount of money set aside for him, as he deserves it. This year has been pretty terrible for me, which i may go into another time, but the Tallman has been with me all the way holding my hand, loving me and sending me to the shower when i get stinky.  He deserves some pretty major thanks.

Any suggestions would be awesome!

The Tallman is very tall and very broad, so clothes are awkward, otherwise he loves non-fiction books, metal (as in the music) and sports.  He runs and occasionally Djs a local alt night, he is learning to cook (life skills for the win!) and has a wicked sense of humor.  He is obsessed with sponge bob, but I always get him sponge bob stuff so its time for a change.

In need of your awesome gifting suggestions,

Minnie xoxo