Once again I will be handing an essay in late *sigh*.

But its the last rock night of the year tomorrow, and i have yet to fix the colour of my hair or buy an outfit. Fun times ahead. The essay is less than three thousands words though so its pretty manageable within a few hours.

At least thats the theory.

The weather is bitterly cold tonight, like actually in the minus end of the thermometer, which okay and yeah we’ve already had the first Sunday of Advent.  But this is Britain and we have snow forecast for tomorrow, but we don’t usually get snow till after christmas and even then a few inches shuts half the country down. 

If  it does get snowy I’ll post pretty pictures, If not it’ll just be pretty pictures of the last rock night of 2009. 

Anyway my tootsies are cold and i should get back to actually doing some work and knitting up warm things, yay warm things!

Take care and don’t slip on the ice!

love,  Minnie xoxo