So I went home for a long period over christmas and didn’t really blog.

This isn’t because I’ve been lazy. Last Christmas (that would be the one of 2008) something very awful happened and I’m still recovering. I don’t like it sounding so ominous but there are some things that have to be kept private.

So this year i spent my Holiday spoiling my friend’s children, baking an awful lot and re-arranging the house. I spent Paris in christmas but was hotel bound with a cold and spent the duration reading bad novels.  Hogmanay was spent with Tallman and a small but awesome group of friends.

Actually all my friends are awesome, I really wouldn’t have made it through last year if it wasn’t for all the kind words, thought and actions of people. 

I do however have grand plans for this year, and i kick started my drive to be more social today with C. We went through to Glasgow and just pottered about window shopping.  ‘Twas awesome!

I hope every one had lovely holidays,

love Minnie xoxo