So things got the better of me again and I’m sorry.

Life will get like that though, things get in the way and I find that some things have to slip for the sake of my sanity and my ability to deal with the day-to-day stuff that must be dealt with. Dishes, food and some semblance of a social life.

I don’t want to over share too much with yon Internets but safe to say that shizz has majorly changed in my life. Tallman and myself are no longer and item though we are still best friends. This was just one of those things that happen, no one was at fault we just realized that we are best friends not lovers. So we are rocking the best friends gig, I am at this moment sat on Tallman’s couch typing this while he runs through his DJ set for tomorrow. Once I’m done I’ll be cooking dinner for us.

That isn’t to say I’m entirely single as such, one of my best friends when he heard about the break up decided to come up and see me to cheer me up. Perfectly innocent I said, we’ve been friends for over eight years I said, he knows me too well I said. Safe to say this was all met with raised eye brows. Well yes, something did happen, so I find myself with a Punkboy. He lives very far away, but is very lovely so eh watch this space?

Anyway enough about my love life, yesterday involved a trip to Accident and Emergency! My friend Dani hurt her shoulder over the weekend mountain climbing but is one of those stoic stubborn types who dislikes members of the medical profession, but her arm stopped working so she had to be brave. It turns out she’d dislocated her shoulder and managed to pop it back in herself, alas in the process she tore a rotator cuff. It was a very quick hospital trip (under an hour!), but all the same I’m glad I had my knitting with me. (This pattern if anyone is at all interested, I’m loving it, there will be pictures of a Punkboy in it soon). We celebrated a survived trip to the hospital with pizza and the cinema. We went to see Clash of the Titans in 3D, a cheese fest that probably wasn’t worth the price of the seat and the 3Dness was a tad pointless. So we made up for that and had a few drinks at the new metal night in town, I bumped into an old friend from college in Glasgow and had a very surreal conversation about who we know who is now in jail. Oh dear…

So what have you all been up to?

Much love,

Minnie x0xo