So today I’m in a mood to be domestic, I’m going to go home, bake and do some washing. I am not suddenly Martha Stewart. I do however only have a month left in my current flat and I have too much stuff. It seems to be a pretty common problem, and im determined to sort it out.

There will be a rather large suitcase of clothes going to the charity shop by friday. I am not one of these people who can be ruthless, a dress might be horrid and make me look like a chav but the memories attached.. I get emotionally attached.  Then there are the pieces you can’t thow away because you never know when you might need it. Like the silver sequins strapless number that’s two sizes two big?

I need help, a good friend and a bottle of nice rum. I admit it.

I own five little black dresses. I have been known to buy the same dress or top in multiple colours because it is just so nice.

And yet I am not a stylish girl day-to-day, I am the kid in the back of the lecture theater in scabby jeans, skate shoes and an old beat up Dropkick Murphys hoody. I lope around campus looking like I’m just visiting. I work as a bouncer, my hair’s natural state is 80s fashion mullet .

 So why dear reader do I have this problem with my over flowing wardrobe?

Each dress, cute little jacket or pair of heels calls to me, “In me you won’t be a wild girl, I shall transform you into a delicate swan” or some such mince. In the case of the silver sequined strapless number I want to don a pair of fairy wings and run around the park.

Clothes change the way you can be perceived and its something  I always loved as a teenager. It’s just an extension of the childhood dress up box. Do I want to be the bookish neo goth tonight all in black with arse skimming hemlines and clompy boots tonight? No, she’s not allowed out till Thursday. Tonight I’m going to rock  scabby jeans and bake rainbow cupcakes.

If I don’t get buried under a sea of sequins and frills I will get back to you, I might even break out some pictures from my new camera.

Take care and have fun,

Minnie xoxo