So we’re impulsive, and we left hardly anytime to find a place. So I have no idea where in going to be living (well that’s a lie, Loughborough somewhere), when I’m moving (also a lie, some point this month) or anything! It might be prudent at this point to mention that I have a fully fledged anxiety disorder that while sounds awful, has actually morphed me into this super organised uni drop out who only has her student loans as debt, does scary things like budget and is never with out a pen. (Really i have a thing about pens I have at least three on my person at all times, my hand bag is stuitably large.) Not knowing where I’m going to be living isn’t so good for the anxiety though. So I’m tackling the beast by trusting the bloke and being one of those horribly efficient packers, I will count all the spoons dammit!

I’m also currently working up the bravery to find me a new knitting group on ravelry. It’s taking a few days, its like i want to come across as a nice sane girl who you want to be friends with, but when it boils down to it I am just a football loving, mild eccentric to raises a mean lamb. Colostrum from a bag anyone? no takers? Aww but it makes for such happy lamb tummies!

The impending new house (where ever it may end up being) does mean that I get to pester my dad on the crafty front, he’s a carpenter by trade and years at sea have left him very talented when it comes to rope work. I shall be pestering him, hell I might even get away with taking photos and such.

So how should I while away my last few weeks in Scotland? I don’t know how many I have and so far all I have pinned down is that I’m going to have a leaving party at Tallman’s at some point and that I need to get all the things in all the boxes.

Lots of love,

Minnie xoxox