The sun is shining, bloke has ribs in the slow cooker and I’m about to embark on a frantic lets-make-the-house-look-spider-free spree. This can mean only one thing, we’re having a barbecue! Bloke does the meat side of things and I make the death punch (we’re going for a luminous green this time) and the cake (blueberry boy bait). Should be lots of fun, I’m wishing I had my camera though. Might be time to fire off some emails to see if i can get a replacement cable.

Being unemployed is lonely, I’ve been doing lots of sewing though. My tee-shirt quilt is almost done, so I’m going to theme the spare room around it. Which is a nice way of saying everything that doesn’t have a home will be in the spare room and I’ll eventually paint it up so its cohesive to some extent at least.

Once my craft room has been painted and all suave looking I’ll share pictures but at the moment I’m afraid is just a desk and some boxes. My sewing machine is my best friend at the moment, even if the crackberry does take crap photos. Oh well never mind…

The new house has a lot of potential, I’m so glad we’re allowed to paint the decor is mostly a bit dull but in some places its just plain bizarre. The master bedroom is mint green and blood-red, and a patchy red at that which just helps to conjure images from bad B movies.

Anyway I must be off, cake to make and packing boxes to hide in our Harry Potter cupboard. It’s a good way to spend a Saturday.

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend,

take care,

Minnie xoxo