Well a bit cold, damp with a touch of wind. The house is a mess and my supplies of Scottish tea are running low, I’m a touch home sick and there’s nothing on t.v. What is a girl to do?

I’ve decided to enforce a bit of a schedule on myself, because pottering about the house aimlessly hasn’t really worked for me and things don’t get done. The house is still over run with spiders and nothing has been painted, I have perfected a few recipes for sweets and cake that I might throw the blogs way, just to see how it goes down. I can’t seem to stop by fattening up all of blokes friends and family, I have to attack al of you as well. Typical Hebridean, no one is happy until they have been over fed.

I was so excited about the house when we first moved in, but i think that my excitement got diluted with the drudgery of house work. So much dust, so many spiders. Seriously it’s been one hell of a spidery summer. Cutting the mammoth hedges back has helped, but getting rid of the cobwebs in this house is like painting the fourth road bridge, it’s never-ending. Tomorrow I start job hunting properly, so routine is the aim of the week. Joy.

Rich has done a lot, he’s been amazing actually, his days are pretty broken up with split shifts and he still manages to not be worn out by my over excitement when he comes home. And dude, I get pretty excited, I’ve no one else to talk to but the cat from next door who comes to hang out and guard my washing line. I take a wild tear to get a room sorted, the sitting room Must Be Complete because the World Will End or I’ll get disheartened. So he puts up curtain rails or cuts the hedge on his break. Even though he’s never cut a hedge before, so it looks a bit forlorn but what the hell I’m afraid of heights and the hedge trimmer.

This week I will paint the master bed room, finish my tee-shirt quilt and apply for the super awesome job I want. I’ll got to knit night, go out for the day with Rich’s sister and plant some bulbs in the garden. I will finish the little cardigan for Marian’s impending baby, I will bake some cup cakes and decide on my costume for Halloween.

Love Minnie xoxo