So today I’m in a mood to be domestic, I’m going to go home, bake and do some washing. I am not suddenly Martha Stewart. I do however only have a month left in my current flat and I have too much stuff. It seems to be a pretty common problem, and im determined to sort it out.

There will be a rather large suitcase of clothes going to the charity shop by friday. I am not one of these people who can be ruthless, a dress might be horrid and make me look like a chav but the memories attached.. I get emotionally attached.  Then there are the pieces you can’t thow away because you never know when you might need it. Like the silver sequins strapless number that’s two sizes two big?

I need help, a good friend and a bottle of nice rum. I admit it.

I own five little black dresses. I have been known to buy the same dress or top in multiple colours because it is just so nice.

And yet I am not a stylish girl day-to-day, I am the kid in the back of the lecture theater in scabby jeans, skate shoes and an old beat up Dropkick Murphys hoody. I lope around campus looking like I’m just visiting. I work as a bouncer, my hair’s natural state is 80s fashion mullet .

 So why dear reader do I have this problem with my over flowing wardrobe?

Each dress, cute little jacket or pair of heels calls to me, “In me you won’t be a wild girl, I shall transform you into a delicate swan” or some such mince. In the case of the silver sequined strapless number I want to don a pair of fairy wings and run around the park.

Clothes change the way you can be perceived and its something  I always loved as a teenager. It’s just an extension of the childhood dress up box. Do I want to be the bookish neo goth tonight all in black with arse skimming hemlines and clompy boots tonight? No, she’s not allowed out till Thursday. Tonight I’m going to rock  scabby jeans and bake rainbow cupcakes.

If I don’t get buried under a sea of sequins and frills I will get back to you, I might even break out some pictures from my new camera.

Take care and have fun,

Minnie xoxo


So things got the better of me again and I’m sorry.

Life will get like that though, things get in the way and I find that some things have to slip for the sake of my sanity and my ability to deal with the day-to-day stuff that must be dealt with. Dishes, food and some semblance of a social life.

I don’t want to over share too much with yon Internets but safe to say that shizz has majorly changed in my life. Tallman and myself are no longer and item though we are still best friends. This was just one of those things that happen, no one was at fault we just realized that we are best friends not lovers. So we are rocking the best friends gig, I am at this moment sat on Tallman’s couch typing this while he runs through his DJ set for tomorrow. Once I’m done I’ll be cooking dinner for us.

That isn’t to say I’m entirely single as such, one of my best friends when he heard about the break up decided to come up and see me to cheer me up. Perfectly innocent I said, we’ve been friends for over eight years I said, he knows me too well I said. Safe to say this was all met with raised eye brows. Well yes, something did happen, so I find myself with a Punkboy. He lives very far away, but is very lovely so eh watch this space?

Anyway enough about my love life, yesterday involved a trip to Accident and Emergency! My friend Dani hurt her shoulder over the weekend mountain climbing but is one of those stoic stubborn types who dislikes members of the medical profession, but her arm stopped working so she had to be brave. It turns out she’d dislocated her shoulder and managed to pop it back in herself, alas in the process she tore a rotator cuff. It was a very quick hospital trip (under an hour!), but all the same I’m glad I had my knitting with me. (This pattern if anyone is at all interested, I’m loving it, there will be pictures of a Punkboy in it soon). We celebrated a survived trip to the hospital with pizza and the cinema. We went to see Clash of the Titans in 3D, a cheese fest that probably wasn’t worth the price of the seat and the 3Dness was a tad pointless. So we made up for that and had a few drinks at the new metal night in town, I bumped into an old friend from college in Glasgow and had a very surreal conversation about who we know who is now in jail. Oh dear…

So what have you all been up to?

Much love,

Minnie x0xo

So I went home for a long period over christmas and didn’t really blog.

This isn’t because I’ve been lazy. Last Christmas (that would be the one of 2008) something very awful happened and I’m still recovering. I don’t like it sounding so ominous but there are some things that have to be kept private.

So this year i spent my Holiday spoiling my friend’s children, baking an awful lot and re-arranging the house. I spent Paris in christmas but was hotel bound with a cold and spent the duration reading bad novels.  Hogmanay was spent with Tallman and a small but awesome group of friends.

Actually all my friends are awesome, I really wouldn’t have made it through last year if it wasn’t for all the kind words, thought and actions of people. 

I do however have grand plans for this year, and i kick started my drive to be more social today with C. We went through to Glasgow and just pottered about window shopping.  ‘Twas awesome!

I hope every one had lovely holidays,

love Minnie xoxo

And every one in the house had the cold. Oh dear.

I am however on the mend so its all good and once i have this last essay completed thats me free! Well free until mid February at any rate.

I’m thinking of going home home at some point towards the end of next week. I’m not sure of what we are doing exactly for christmas but the majority of my holiday is going to be spent in the islands. I have grand planed for my winter blogging, like actually putting some recipes up, a room do over and a few little crafty projects.  If  I’m very nice my dad might be persuaded into showing off his knot work, hopefully I can bribe him with cake!

Anyway I’m off to make a quick tea (sausages and mash! yummy!)

Hope every one is well and warm,

Minnie xoxo

But it is snowing on my blog! WordPress have enabled the snow, yay! Which okay is probably quite hard to see on my lovely white blog so I’m posting a picture of my lovely friend C, so you can all see it!

Irish win is of course the best kind of win.

C is made of win, Irish win!

I have grand plans for C and myself tomorrow  it involves ice cream,  Stirling Castle and the pub.

Take care,

Minnie xoxo

Once again I will be handing an essay in late *sigh*.

But its the last rock night of the year tomorrow, and i have yet to fix the colour of my hair or buy an outfit. Fun times ahead. The essay is less than three thousands words though so its pretty manageable within a few hours.

At least thats the theory.

The weather is bitterly cold tonight, like actually in the minus end of the thermometer, which okay and yeah we’ve already had the first Sunday of Advent.  But this is Britain and we have snow forecast for tomorrow, but we don’t usually get snow till after christmas and even then a few inches shuts half the country down. 

If  it does get snowy I’ll post pretty pictures, If not it’ll just be pretty pictures of the last rock night of 2009. 

Anyway my tootsies are cold and i should get back to actually doing some work and knitting up warm things, yay warm things!

Take care and don’t slip on the ice!

love,  Minnie xoxo

Because all doughnuts wish they were this pretty!

I’m in the Student Union, I am supposed to be writing an essay. In stead I am taking pictures of my food and putting faces on said food. Yummy!

I do have some books with me so it isn’t all bad, I should have a majority of the essay done by bed time I’ll take a break for dinner and an episode of the world’s strictest parents on the bbc iplayer. Its one of those shows with terribly behaved teenagers who make me feel like I was such a good teenager which is a bit funny really.

Anyway I’m off to nom on the remainder of my doughnut and drink my coffee like a good girl!

Have a lovely day,

Minnie xoxo

The situation is this, I have a Tallman and he needs some pretty funky christmas presents.  So far the only option I have battened down is a years subscription to Suicide Girls.  I have a decent amount of money set aside for him, as he deserves it. This year has been pretty terrible for me, which i may go into another time, but the Tallman has been with me all the way holding my hand, loving me and sending me to the shower when i get stinky.  He deserves some pretty major thanks.

Any suggestions would be awesome!

The Tallman is very tall and very broad, so clothes are awkward, otherwise he loves non-fiction books, metal (as in the music) and sports.  He runs and occasionally Djs a local alt night, he is learning to cook (life skills for the win!) and has a wicked sense of humor.  He is obsessed with sponge bob, but I always get him sponge bob stuff so its time for a change.

In need of your awesome gifting suggestions,

Minnie xoxo

Well guess who went and downloaded Gimp?

It’s pretty awesome sauce and free! Paired with free fonts all the better. Once essays are done with and the holidays are upon me I’ll have time to properly get to grips with it (and download shiny plug ins).  I’m very impressed so far though, worth a look see if you can’t afford photoshop but want something with more punch than the standard red-eye removing software most computers come with. 

I’ll talk about it more once I’ve had time to download stuff any play around some more,  but so far I’m very impressed!

Take care,

Minnie xoxo

Last night was Rock Night, like it is every Tuesday night in the student’s Union.

Because we just scream awesome!

 Rock night is run by a volunteer society headed up by the Tallman, he was head cat herder last year too. On an odd note i was the president of the society the year before that. Weird huh? I like punk yes, but im also a closet country fan.  Sssshhhh don’t tell anyone please!

The club night its self funds and awful lot of fun things for society members during the semester, we go on trips to other alt nights, theres been laser tag this semester and we have a Christmas dinner lined up and a new set of society hoodies! wahoo!

Anyway i have work tonight so i’m off to grab a quick bite to eat!


Minnie xoxo



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